Quest Posting

Quality back-linking from relevant content

On high PR blogs that discuss the same or at least similar products and or services that you offer is a highly effective back-linking technique that you will benefit from in many ways Not only

can you acquire high quality links for your website this way, you can promote your website and brand by writing on highly visible blogs of your niche. And I will tell you why, these blogs have regular visitors that are already interested in your niche so if you take some time and post a quality article you will get some traffic and quite possibly some regular visitors that are going to subscribe to your news feed and regularly read your postings. Perhaps they will be interested in your products and or services, however that is not what we are after when quest posting.

Your guest post is going to be informational

You should never write an article for a guest post to advertise your products or services. If you do it’s very unlikely that your post will be published, would you publish an advertisement for somebody advertising their services on your website and run the risk that your readers will follow the link to go and visit his or her site instead? So make the site informational links pointing to your site should take them to pages that further expand on the information that is in your quest post or to information related to your post.

Your goal is to increase your sites popularity

Even though you are not advertising products and services that you can buy you are advertising the quality of your site. With an increase in traffic you are going to get a boost in the search engines. Popularity is a very big factor in all the search engine ranking algorithms. A regular flow of traffic to your site indicates to Google that you have quality content and as you move ever closer to the top your traffic increases from your guest posting and from people finding you ranked high in the search engine results. At this point it is just a matter of time before your website and its steady flow of visitors makes a sale then another…